Take Care of your Hair in 5 Minutes


15 ways to make your hair look gorgeous in less than 5 minutes

We all have those mornings when we oversleep or simply we want to prolong the pleasure of being in bed but this comes with a price: our hair style. What can you do in 5 minutes more than a ponytail or a simple bun? Well we have a list of 15 hair hacks that take less than 5 minutes and will make your hair look gorgeous.


  1. Try braids. They take very little time to do them and you can always meet them into a sexy bun. You’ll look romantic and sexy and everyone will envy you;
  2. Twist your hair over with an elastic: start with a regular ponytail and then twist the tail through a hole you make in the middle that is before the elastic. You’ll get a fancy style and if your hair is long enough it will hide the elastic;
  3. Use a barrette to give your hair a sexy, French style. Just make sure that you match all the colors correctly;
  4. The messy but is now in style. You just start gathering the hair like for a ponytails and then start twisting around your fingers. At the end make the bun and leave a few loose ends;
  5. Play with the ponytail. Make a high ponytail and then make another one underneath. It will give an extension effect without having ones;
  6. Side fishtail braid. Take all your hair on the front and move it to one side. Start making a fishtail from the temple level downwards. Secure the style with bobby pins;
  7. Half up without the ponytail. Take a small part of hair from one side and move it over to the other side. Secure with a pin. Continue the process 2 or 3 times.
  8. Make a poof on top of your head and then gather everything in a side ponytail;
  9. Make a normal side ponytail with a few loose ends;
  10. Triple twisted ponytail. Separate your hair in three parts, and twist all of them around your fingers. Gather everything in a ponytail;
  11. Roll your hair around a head band until you get some sort of a bun. Put the head band on and arrange a bit.
  12. Simply apply a bit of hairspray, and arrange your hair with your fingers. You will get a bad girl look that will last all day long
  13. Make a puff out of your bangs and secure it with bobby pins. Add hairspray and you’re ready to go!
  14. Make two braids and twist the together in a small, cute bun;
  15. Finally the last of the 15 hair hacks: make a French messy bun. This one goes on top of your head.


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