How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup


Bare Face is Beautiful

As a woman, it is essential for us to wear our makeup every day, whether it be going to work or simply running a quick errand. When you don’t have the luxury of time what would be the best way to go all-natural? Planning on going bare faced during day time? Here are simple fifteen ways to look beautiful without makeup:


Take care of your skin – Just like a painter, our face is our canvass and make up is our medium to create that work of art. Having a clear skin is one of the essential factors into achieving that all-natural look and you wouldn’t even have to reach for your make-up bag to hide any blemishes. Simple way of taking care of the skin is to keep it moisturized, hydrated and exfoliated. Have a daily routine of wash, dry, moisturize and keep yourself stress-free to eliminate impurities and wrinkles that can make you look less appealing.

Great Hair – Hairstyle can either make or break you. Cut your hair into something that is best suited or compliments the shape of your face. Always make sure that hair is clean by washing it every day or in some people, once in every two days. This can help to remove excess oil that our scalp produces. If you are against the chemical ingredients of a commercially available shampoo (otherwise known as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, as it has been discovered to have adverse effect on us) then why not try the no shampoo routine? A no-shampoo or “no-poo” method is where you will use a concoction made from water, Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda. This way, it can help clean your scalp without the harmful and drying effects of the normal shampoo, thus leaving it smooth and frizz-free.

Bright Smile – Smile can change one person’s day in a matter of seconds. You pass by and smile at a person and you could tell the difference. In order to maintain a bright smile, one should keep their dental hygiene of extreme importance. Brushing teeth regularly, flossing and mouthwash are our best daily defense against plaque, tartar and gum diseases. This can also help us to keep our pearly whites squeaky clean and our breath fresh.

Moisturized lips are also important to keep an all-natural beauty as you wouldn’t need to put lipstick on. Applying lip sunscreen with an SPF 15 can also help to prevent our lips from chapping and sunburn/windburn.

Eat healthy. Natural beauty comes from the inside. Maintaining a healthy diet can help our body fight off harmful diseases and keep a healthy looking skin.

Live a healthy lifestyle. Workout can help us achieve glowing skin due to sweat and also kick those bad habits goodbye as smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine do not benefit our skin’s well-being.

Appearance. Good posture and clothing is also paramount. In the fashion world, how can you sell clothes if you can’t walk the walk?

Hygiene – Keeping yourself neatly groomed will also make you look beautiful. A well-trimmed nails is a sign of good hygiene

Confidence – In the world of sales, when you are trying to sell without confidence no one will ever buy from you. Same goes with our inner beauty – when you are not confident or feel that you are not beautiful then no one will see the beauty in you. Beauty radiates from within.

Sleep – Adequate sleep of about 8 hours a day can contribute into keeping our skin glowing healthy and beautiful.

Eyes – Eyes can simply look tired or dull by our everyday routine e.g. prolonged use of the computer, watching television, etc. Refresh your eyes with eye drops, a drop or two will do to rejuvenate. When I was in grade school, I was taught that colour therapy can also help, when my eyes feel tired, I simply look into the colour green as it helps to soothe and relaxes our eyes.

Eyebrows – Keeping our eyebrows waxed or plucked can help to enhance our feature, unless you would want a uni-brow just like Ernie or Bert from the Sesame Street.

Sunscreen – Wearing sunscreen can help prevent our skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This also helps to maintain a smooth and glowing skin.

Keep your hands away from your face. Yes, that is right as hands can contain bacteria that can irritate or damage our face.

Love. I know it sounds cliché but do you realize that when a woman is in love, there is that certain glow within her that radiates? Scientifically, it must be a euphoric chemical reaction to our body that makes us glow. You wouldn’t need a cheek blush for that, would you?


So go ahead, try these simple tips to look beautiful without makeup and you might spend little on makeup the next time.

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